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Learn about the Bag ladies workshops and how you can book them for your school! district, reading association, etc.

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These make-n-take workshops are fast paced, enthusiastic, and hands-on! The Bag Ladies weave classroom experiences, humor, concerns, and mostly fun into their workshops with great student and teacher-made projects, incorporating skills that follow the state standards.

Each year the workshops are different, based on new Bag Ladies’ themes for that year. Cindy and Karen tell how they started Bag Ladies, share themes, units, and books, and get teachers excited to make their own classroom “come alive” with happy, motivated students.

The workshops are usually from 9:00-12:00 with a 15 min. break so teachers can look, touch, and photograph samples. These award winning teacher-presenters use great literature combined with hands-on projects, organizers, and classroom experiences from all grades pre-K to 6th grade between them.

Participants bring their own hole punches, markers, tape, scissors, glue, and glue stick. All make-n-take materials are supplied.

Contact the Bag Ladies for costs and availability of these motivational workshops at your school! But hurry, these ladies are bookin’.