It’s July! No planning but start to THINK

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Procedures….Think about your rules, ways to move in halls, and consequences. Expectations and how to teach them. What’s your reward system? Do you have a “Fun Friday”? Think about what it will be, how you’ll implement and change it up. Make 30-45 minutes reward for following procedures worth it to win it. Check out our projects that students love to create, then use it the entire next week of class for the skills you are teaching.

Portfolios…..Time to think about those interactive notebooks. Binders are just too big to carry home, composition books too small and waste of pages…our bag portfolios…just right!!!
We use them for every subject, and empty and re supply paper every trimester. Easy to carry, easy to use, and fun to make and take ownership. Check out SOS unit. Decorate to be their own….and make your own to introduce yourself and model your notebook. We suggest the whole notebook is ready to be filled in…run off….in order. Will save you work after the start date.

Parent Communication…..from Curriculum Night to Parent Conferences to weekly review of all class work and tests, we have your back!!!! Please have a curriculum night. The parents won’t remember one thing you say about curriculum but they will remember that you will be there for them and their child. They will remember that you love your job and the good news is you are always available to discuss their child. Have students make our bag backpacks for each desk filled with things that count, important papers, and wish lists for them to fill in and send back….be sure they wear their backpacks home! The first week of school we make signed paper folders. Students take this 3 bag folder home filled with all of the class work, test results, homework, parent school communication…and they sign that they received it.
Cover these important parts of your classroom sanity before you start teaching curriculum and you will have a fabulous rest of the year….

Are you thinking? Happy 4th from the Bag Ladies.


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