Organizing supplies

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Our schedules are changed right now. Cindy is RVing and paddle board/boating in FL. I am at the beach and continuing my determination to paddle board! But don’t think we aren’t thinking / planning new projects and products !

Along with gathering supplies, organization of those supplies for storage and use is important.

We use Target plastic storage shelves, the kind that come with 3-4 drawers. We gather, arrange supplies in drawers, and label. Some examples of labels are:
Washi tape/survey tape/duct tape
Coffee sleeves / envelopes
Lunch bags
Glue sticks/ Glitter Glue
Scotch tape
Wide packaging tape
Ribbon/ hair ties/ wire ties
Water colors, paint crayons
Markers – all kinds
Popsicle/ tongue dep sticks
Wow !!! We could keep going!!!!
Colored writing paper
File folders – old ones to recycle
Scrapbook paper scraps

Move these four (4) drawer bins into and across your classroom, fill, and label. Your project materials will always be where you and the students have easy access.

I know you’re ready to use these….hope you are making samples from the units !!!


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