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It’s still thinking time…Lets think theme!!! What theme would you like your room to be? As teachers we spend a lot of time in our classroom..let’s make them FUN. After all, there’s plenty of rigor, let’s make our environment a great place to learn!!

Our theme today is Beach, one of our favorite places.  If I can’t be there I bring it into the classroom. (See pics on previous blog) I use Beach Blast and A Day At The Beach

Maybe you’d like CSI and make your classroom a place for Classroom Skill Investigators…..spies, caution tape, puzzles, secret codes, and 001,002.003..well, you get it. Or… about Castles, or Under Construction (tool belts and tool boxes) cones. Or, stay with us….Above the Ground, On the Ground, Under the Ground. That includes everything. What a great theme!!

So….while you’re thinking of theme, start collecting things for your classroom bulletin boards, organizers, and inflatables. Look over our theme  units for great projects for skills

We  draw up our rooms with our visions and designs ( HGTV has nothing on us), and we make it functional, easy flow and movement, clear space use,  organized, fun!!

Having a theme allows you to make good choices for: portfolios, play money/rewards, book choices.

Stay tuned for more room pics in August!!! But for now, think THEME. 


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